Our Company

Our Story

Tony Deodato began as a restaurant owner who, after a few years in business, decided to open a fruit stand. It was not long before he purchased his first horse and carriage and began delivering to customers in the area. As the company grew, so did it’s reputation for supplying the freshest and finest quality products as well as for providing unbeatable service. To this day, Tony Deodato and Sons strives to maintain that reputation and to continue to grow with it. With a fleet of top of the line refrigerated trucks, Tony Deodato and Sons services a diverse group of food service and retail customers.

Our Commitment

Though times have changed, our commitment to providing our customers with premium quality products and unmatched service remains the same. Through dedication and perseverance we at Tony Deodato and Sons have continued to grow while maintaining the personal touch that is integral to our survival as a company.

Tony Deodato & Sons is committed to excellence in serving all customers. Click here to download our accessibility policy.